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Posted Wed, 09 Aug 2023 09:09:39 GMT by Palmsticks
I need to submit and R&D tax credit for my client with a May-23 year end so an new additional information form is needed. I have an agent services account. However, I cannot seem to find a link to the new additional information form. Is this a service that needs to be linked to the agent account? If so, how?
Posted Mon, 21 Aug 2023 14:31:40 GMT by Derrenly Enn
The form is linked to the agent account and you can find the form here - Keep in mind also that you may need also to do a Claim Notification form too, so read the criteria (form and criteria at this page) -
Posted Wed, 23 Aug 2023 18:05:00 GMT by Palmsticks
Thanks for your post. I cannot seem to find the form on our agent services account within the corporation tax area. Is it something I need to sign up to be able to access? I have been to the link you posted and clicked on start now, but on entering our firm's information, it just says we have an agent services account already but provides no further instructions as to how to access the online form.
Posted Thu, 31 Aug 2023 08:39:04 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi Palmsticks,

This link should take you to the new form you are referring to Submit detailed information before you claim Research and Development (R&D) tax relief  

Thank you.
Posted Sun, 03 Sep 2023 07:38:36 GMT by Palmsticks
I'm afraid it doesn't. When I click the 'start now' button and input our accounting firm's details, it just tells me we already have an agent services account. It does not link to any form. However, nowhere on our agent services accounts, can I find the an area where we can file, or sign up to file, R&D tax credits.
Posted Wed, 06 Sep 2023 12:42:45 GMT by Tom Elsbury
Select the link HMRC provided above and scroll down to the 'Start Now' button. Input your agent services account HMRC credentials and you'll be taken to the start of the form. It is not a form which you can navigate to from the HMRC home page after logging into either your normal agent account or the agent services account.
Posted Wed, 06 Sep 2023 13:41:31 GMT by Palmsticks
Thanks for your help. I can now get to the form. It transpired that although I have access to our agent services account, the tickbox to the service needed was not ticked. Once this was done, my login credentials took me to the form.
Posted Mon, 18 Dec 2023 13:11:50 GMT by Saurabh Patel
How can tick box the R&D service? I can find the tick box after start now or when inputting agent services account HMRC credential. Please advise
Posted Thu, 04 Jan 2024 11:05:50 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi Saurabh Patel,
Please see the guidance at Research and Development Tax relief reform changes
Thank you.


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