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  • RE: P11D

    If you have a company car - so this includes salary sacrifice cars you need to report the vehicle on a P11d - unless you do this via payrolling benefits and report the vehicle details on the FPS every pay period that it is available. You cannot payroll this benefit unless you have registered for this service. Also dont forget to send the quarterly P46 Car with the details to HMRC so they know about the cars. If you have completed and submitted an incorrect P11d you need to submit the adjustment on line HMRC Online Services (don't submit the actual amounts, put the correction to the amounts they need to account for in). You can submit previous years P11ds for the 1st time either through your software if it supports this, if not you will need to do it through the PAYE Online Services. There isn't a direct number to the P11d team - I have been trying to get hold of them for months via employer support with no availe.
  • RE: PAYE adjustment error

    You would be best to call HMRC on 0300 2003300 as they won't answer personal queries on here. Hope this helps
  • RE: Tax relief on travel

    You can claim relief through your self assessment for these site visits. Do ensure that you keep a full record of each trip[ and associated mileage. 45p mile for 1st 10k miles, 25p thereafter - if you dont charge this to your employer
  • RE: Scottish Tax Band widths
  • RE: Do tips/service charge qualify for SMP calculations

    You may wish to speak to ACAS on this as it will depend on exactly how the tips are paid (via your employer and subject to tax and NI, or if they are through a 3rd party) and your contract as well as the legislation. The calculation is on the overall average of the qualifying weeks, it may be that you have not hit the threshold in that period. You can check the calculations yourself
  • RE: Remote UK employee and right to work travelling abroad

    I would sugest you have a conversation with a tax specialist as this is a complex case. As for council tax, you need to speak to the local council on the property you may be renting. You may wish to have a trusted friend's address as the address for correspondence
  • RE: Potential contract overlapping

    You must complete the New Starter Decleration before commencing your new role - At the point of starting the new role you will have more than one employment so you would need to tick box C. As soon as your other contract has ended, and as long as you have been paid in your new role you can call HMRC and ask them to allocate your tax code to the new employer (you will need the old and new PAYE reference for this call) 0300 200 3300 - be prepared for a wait - the employer helpline is regularly 2+ hours wait! Just be aware that it is very close to the payroll year end, and depending on the timing of your call and the payroll department cut off dates it may overlap and not reach them in time. Do ensure that as soon as you receive your P45 from the previous employment pass this over, otherwise your P60 may not include the whole year figures. Do keep your P45 copy in case this happens for tax purposes (keep it for at least 7 years to be safe)
  • RE: Tax due to HMRC shown as negative when trying to run payroll

    This maybe because your tax code is cumulative (if it does not have either M1 or W1 then it is cumulative) and that in this pay period you are actually due a tax refund from previous amounts paid. If you are generally paid £1k a month and have the standard tax code of 1257L then you would not expect to pay tax, but say in month 6 you were paid a bonus of £5k you would have been deducted tax, but the following months would then reduce your annual tax allowance thus giving a refund until the annual amounts in month 12 all balance. You can use the HMRC tax calculator if you are unsure You will need your year to date figures from your previous payslips.
  • RE: Employment Allowance

    You must submit an EPS every month even if the values are nil. Should you be entitled to Employment Allowance you will reduce your liability once it starts up to £5k
  • RE: New employee with no New Starter Declaration or P45

    The RTI only accepts A,B or C. If you dont tick anything it should default to C, and you should then put the employee on 0T if they have not ticked a box on the form. Some software will put in a box D, but this is just for the 'user experience' and still reports C to HMRC - it cannot be left blank or it will fail the whole RTI submission