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  • Repayment issued as cheque repayment?

    Hi- I have been waiting 13 months for self assessment overpayment refund 2022/2023 - I have looked at my account via app today - like I do every day for status- it’s now showing that my repayment is a cheque repayment 19th May - stating the obvious will a cheque of been sent out but on the 19th ? - it is 21/05/2024 today when app showed cheque repayment- how long will it take or be processed before I should worry- don’t understand this cheque issue as my 2023/2024 self assessment was paid into bank and they have same bank details for 2022/2023 self assessment ? - any information most grateful thank you
  • RE: Self Assessment refund delays

    Self assessment processed April last year waited patiently until January for repayment- saying repayment pending and when I contacted them online chat you guessed it security checks they will raise ticket - wait two months which I did said still security checks can’t contact until 15 May - Sent complaint in tier one was reply it’s they can not help as it’s with security check team ? they can not interfere- this is a disgrace it really is I tried phone and cut off - have just raised another complaint July expect response- just filled this year self assessment and owed money and it’s repayment pending - just what are we supposed to do it’s unacceptable/ unbelievable how bad the tax office is I just can’t believe it takes 12 months to get my money that’s owed it makes no sense unless they just don’t want to pay what’s owed ? - any advice please help
  • Repayment Pending 12 months

    I submitted self assessment for 2022/2023 in April last year - given calculations that I am owed amount £ - I requested repayment and it’s been pending until I contacted again and said security checks in process will send ticket on issue - told wait two months which I did - contacted again and told I must wait until middle of May checks with another team and nothing they can do - I said I am not happy and given complaint contact details- sent a complaint about the time and reason it’s taking over 12 months with nothing communicated- letter arrives tier 1 complaint closed as it’s security checks and nothing they can get involved with - I have to wait until May and what if I get the same response- no point in raising a complaint ? - tried ringing that’s just a nightmare- what do I do ? - I have been told approach my local MP - - this is so frustrating please advise or help me please
  • RE: Self Assessment Refund delays and lack of communication

    I really feel for you with the frustration of dealing with obtaining a repayment- I have been waiting since April last year - contacted for update and given its security checks and not allowed to contact until a certain date - waited nothing happened then contacted again and told with security checks wait until May before contacting them again - said I am not happy- told raise a complaint which I did - response we can not intervene with security checks so I have to wait until May before contact again it’s a tier 1 and raise complaint to tier 2 if not happy - what are we supposed to do this is a disgrace- I have now submitted self assessment for the new tax year and owed again an amount of money and that’s showing payment pending I am really struggling to think of a way out here - no contact given with new date when you have online chat and nothing happens- I am just totally lost and frustrated- good luck with issue