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  • When and How should I report Capital Gain / Loss for Partial Sale of Stock Units

    Hi HMRC, I am writing to ask about the reporting of capital gain / loss from the sale of stock shares. Let says, I had bought 1000 share units of one stock in previous years, and now I sold only part of share units (e.g. 400 units) of that share stock last year. For the self assessment return of tax year (2023/2024), am I required to report only this partial sale of stock units in the calculation sheet to HMRC? OR, I only need to do the reporting of the captial gain / loss until ALL share units are sold out in the future years. Grateful for your expert advice. Thank you in advance.
  • RE: How to claim for capital gain or loss when losing all purchasing transaction records

    Hi HMRC, Thank you for your advice. I bought and keep different stock shares via various banks over 20 years. I don't think the companies or individual banks are able to re-print the related transaction orders / records in response to my requests. That is why I ask for HMRC's further advice at this forum. I wonder if I can base on my written records to prepare the related calculation worksheets for capital gain/loss reporting. Or, I am required to provide previous purchasing transaction records for verification, otherwise, no claims for capital gain / loss can be reported to HMRC. I am looking forward to receiving your expert comment. Thank you in advance.
  • RE: Capital Gain Reporting - Asking for HMRC Monthly Exchange Rates for the years before 2012

    Hi HMRC, Thank you for the required link.
  • RE: Government Gateway ID - Do Not Have UK Passport for application

    Hi HMRC, Thank you for your advice. But, when I access to online service you mentioned above, there is no (advisor) service available for my query. Do you have another source for my trial? Thank you.
  • How to claim for capital gain or loss when losing all purchasing transaction records

    Hi, I have various stock shares for more than 20 years and I lost all records / proofs of these purchasing orders including unit price and date of buying. I just have my own written record about when and how much the shares being bought. When I moved to UK last year and is a UK tax resident now, I need to submit self assessment tax return and report the capital gain or loss (if any) to HMRC. Could you please advise me how and what I should do if I have lost these purchasing transaction records? Thank you in advance.
  • Buy-back shares treated as capital gain ? and When to report to HMRC ?

    Hi, I have purchased (acquisited) a total of 20,000 stock shares in July 2009. I hold these shares for many years. In May 2023, the company sent out a cash offer to the existing shareholders in order to buy-back some shares. At the end of May 2023, I accepted a cash offer to sell back my 2,500 shares as a kind of buy-back to the company. I then got cash money for this buy-back offer. In this regard, I would like to know if this receiving cash money will be treated as "capital gain" or "income" and need to report it to HMRC for tax year 2023-2024. Secondly, for the above case, I still hold 17,500 shares on hands at this moment. I wonder if I am not required to report this transaction to HMRC for tax year 2023-2024 until all shares are sold out in future years and then submit SA108 form with computation worksheets by one go (to calculate whether it is a capital gain or capital loss). Your expert advice is sought. Thank you in advance.
  • Capital Gain Reporting - Asking for HMRC Monthly Exchange Rates for the years before 2012

    Hi, I would like to report my captial gains from overseas stock shares. When preparing the computation worksheet, I need HMRC monthly exchange rate in order to calculate the gain / loss amount in GBP for tax return. From GOV.UK website, HMRC monthly exchange rate for publication only starts from 2012 onwards. In my case, some acquisition dates for overseas stock shares are in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. As such, may I ask where I can find these most previous years' exchange rate informaton so as to calculate gain / loss amount for self assessment tax return. In case these information are not available in UK government website, could you advise me on other calculation method(s) for such reporting to HMRC? Thank you in advance.
  • Government Gateway ID - Do Not Have UK Passport for application

    Hi, I got a NI number and would like to file my self assessment tax return online. So, I tried to apply for a Government Gateway ID so as to login (to have) my personsl tax account. But, when I applied for Government Gateway ID, as I do NOT have the UK passport or UK driving licence which are used to verify my identity, I am NOT able to pass through the identity check at this moment. Could I have your expert advice to solve this verification problem? (NB: I have only an international passport. The system does not allow to enter other passport number, only UK passport being allowed.) I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you in advance.
  • Helping non-English speaking parents to handle HMRC matters

    Hi, My parents recently living in UK do not know any English, but they need to submit Self Assessment Tax Return yearly because they receive foreign income. I would like to ask if I, being their Next of Kin, need to apply (register) for the role of "Appointee" or "Intermediary" in HMRC when helping them to handle (complete) any issues about tax return, claim and payment (if needed). If such role is needed, could you please provide me the application details for my further action? On the other hand, what is the differrence between "Appointee" and "Intermediary" in case I am told to apply for either one? Thank you in advance for your expert advice.
  • Payment for Income Tax for 2023-2024

    Hi, I am completing the self-assessment tax return for 2023-2024 via commerical software, at the page of tax calculation summary, it shows that I need to pay the income tax by 1st and 2nd payments. I wonder if the tax payment should be paid by one-off, or it can be settled by 2 payments in different dates. And, what is/are the dates I should settle this payment for income tax for tax year 2023-2024? I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you.