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  • UTR no.

    Hi, my wife and I moved to the UK from Hong Kong since Oct. 2023. We are both retired. I owned property in UK and I had paid the past 2 years rental income tax already. I got the UTR no. We know that we need to process self-assessment (apply split year treatment) for the tax year 2023-2024. SA109 form require to fill-in UTR no. My wife haven't got it. Is it necessary to apply UTR no. using the SA01 form? Thanks for your assistance.
  • Let my parent living in my owned apartment

    I am living in my owned apartment. I plan to purchase another residential apartment for living. My parent will live in my previous apartment 1-2 years temporarily until they purchase their new home. The previous apartment will be sold later. Is there any tax require? Please kindly have your advice. Thanks.
  • RE: Personal allowance & Saving interest allowance

    My wife and I have moved to the UK since the end of Oct 2023. I paid the last 2 years rental income tax aboard. When will I be UK tax resident? My UK friend told me that I am UK tax resident when I move to UK. Is that right? My wife is now looking for a job. What about her? She will be UK tax resident once she have a job or she need to state over 183 days in UK? I saw from HMRC website the personal allowance is £5000? What for? Thanks a lot.
  • Personal allowance & Saving interest allowance

    My wife and I moved to UK on Oct 2023 from Hong Kong via BN(O) Visa. I have a buy to let property in Manchester since 2021. I had paid the rental income tax to HMRC for the past 2 years. Since I am not residence in UK before, I don't have the personal allowance (12570 pound). Now I am retired and live in UK. I want to know whether I have the personal allowance when I return and pay the rental income next year (2023-2024)? For my wife, she don't have job now and she is now looking for a job. When will she have the personal allowance? Somebody say she need to state in UK for not less than 183 days and somebody say she should state for 2 and a half years. Besides, I want to know the amount of saving interest allowance? Please kindly advice me. Thanks a lot.