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  • RE: CGT tax

    Thank you for your reply, However, If I were to move back to this property and this is my main residence, I would presume that I will not have to pay CGT tax if I were to sell. Please advise.
  • RE: Personal tax allowance query?

    Thank you for clarifying The fact she is permanent resident to the UK and not a citizen is fine I assume ?
  • CGT tax

    Hello there, I am planning to move abroad for a few years. I have one sole property in the UK I plan to rent out but in the future if I were to sell the property in the UK would I as a citizen of the UK have CGT tax exemption of GBP 6,000.00 also would my wife who is permanent resident to the UK but like me living abroad also have a CGT tax allowance or would it be just be me. Conversely, if I just decide to move back to the property for an entire tax year then sell the property then, I assume this would be void of CGT tax as it's a sole residence for a tax resident. How would I prove how long I have been in the UK since my return would this be proven by a passport stamp. Thank you for your time
  • RE: Property

    Dear HMRC, just to confirm even if the property is bought in my name, I must fill out a Form 17 a few months prior to my intention to rent out the property? I assume if we were to buy as a married couple and have a 50/50 share then the form is full and void.
  • Personal tax allowance query?

    If my wife moves to Korea to look after her mother for a tax year, would she will be able to claim her full tax allowance for the year If this is the case how would she state this fact in future tax returns?
  • RE: NRL1 form

    Thank you, HMRC for your help on this, I presume I can apply in advance, even if I decide to rent at a later date ?
  • Property

    Dear HMRC, Just one quick question. Currently, my wife and I jointly own a home Our idea is to sell this house and buy another place and rent this future house out whilst we go back to Korea for a year or two. My wife would like this future home to be in my name only. Is this something I sign for when I exchange contracts with the solicitors and is purely not an issue with HMRC
  • P85

    Hi there, Just one quick question. When you fill this form out regarding property income, if you leave the uk prior to having a tenant whom do you say will pay you , would it be OK to give your letting agents details.
  • R43 form

    Hello there, I would assume even though I fill out a SA100, SA105 and SA109 as a non-resident landlord I would have to fill out a r43 for a rebate in tax allowances and to claim any refunds. Would I need to specify on a cover sheet that I jointly own the property with my wife, hence the calculations are shared equally? Would it be easier to send both at the same time ? When it says enclose any expenses and allowances in a statement, can I enclose photocopies of all expenses I have incurred for the rental property. Would you also advise for me to send this document off when I am back in the UK, due to the complexities of sending documents from abroad? If there are any issues I assume you will call me and I assume I can claim several tax years at once when ever I am back in the UK? Thank you for your help
  • RE: NRL1 form

    Thank you for your message, I will apply for my NRL1 form a month prior to renting. I assume as soon as I have heard back from HMRC concerning my NRL1 eligibility then I pass this on to the letting agent who will then be in position to pass on the rent without any tax deductions. How long does it take for the NRL1 form to be approved ? Also on the NRL1 form asks when will you leave the UK, can this be estimated if you are doing as this is months in advance. I also presume my wife will also have to fill out the same form. Lastly, will there be a problem that my planned move abroad is delayed or the letting of the property i delayed ? Thank you for clearing this up for me