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  • Re : Electronic Communication


    You're welcome.

    Correct, the facility referred to is to enable you to supply documentation alongside either the 2018/19 or 2017/18 Self-Assessment returns.

    If you are trying to provide documentation for either an earlier year or something else you would need to do so in writing , there is not an online option for taxpayers to provide documentation direct to HMRC.

  • Re: Capital Gains Query


    You should ignore loans and mortgages that you took out to finance the purchase of the property.

  • Re: Starting rate for savings

    Hi there.

    1. I appreciate that the inclusion of the word "onwards" would make things clearer, and I'll pass your feedback upwards about this.

    2. You are correct in saying that , the 0% rate has been in place since 15/16 and remains so to date.

    For clarity, a full list of income tax  and savings rate bands from tax year 1990/91 can be found here :

    Rates of Income Tax

  • Re: Record Keeping

    Hi there.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a notification letter.

    We would have already sent a request to file 2018/19 Self-Assessments (ususally around late April/early May 2019) by now; the deadline for completing a 2018/19 return was 31st January 2020; and we will not send notices to file for 2019/20 until mid April 2020 at the earliest.

    Are you maybe referring to a Self-Assessment statement or SA302 tax calculation?

    If so, you would be able to see these anytime on your online account if you file online (or your accountant would if they file for you).

    If you filed in paper, we would normally send these to you.

    If you could clarify specifically what you want, that would be useful. in any case, if you need to check your position or request Self-Assessment documentation, you can contact our Self Assessment department

    Self Assessment: general enquiries

  • Re: Second Employment tax

    Hi there.

    You would need to check with our Income Tax department.

    You can find their contact details here:

     Income Tax: general enquiries

  • Re: PPI Refund

    Hi there Annie.

    You would only be declaring the taxable interest received on the refund and any tax paid on this, not the refund itself.

    You would enter the net amount of interest (the amount after tax) in the "Taxed UK interest" box in the UK interest page of Section 4, Fill In Your Return.

  • Re: Income Tax


    Without being able to access your record, we are unable to say why our system shows that you are owing tax.  

    In order to look into this and amend your tax code if necessary, you will need to contact our Income Tax team:

    Income Tax: general enquiries

    Thank you.
  • Re: Tax Relief for donations


    The donation would be deducted from salary before tax but after National Insurance.

    Guidance can be found at:

    Payroll Giving

  • Re: Holiday let


    Thank you for your question.

    Once you have logged on to your self assessment account, select "file a return."

    After completing section 2 called "Tell us about you," select "tailor your return."

    Answer all the questions in this section making sure to answer yes to the question "Did you receive income from UK land and/or property over £1000."

    After completing section 3, select "Fill in your return" and the UK property section will appear together with the other sources of income you selected.

    Select "UK property section."

    The first page of the UK property section will ask you if you received UK furnished holiday lettings & EEA furnished holiday lettings. You should answer "no" to both questions. Then you can proceed through the rest of the UK property section declaring income and claiming expenses & reliefs as appropriate.

    Please see the following link with regard to expenses you can claim from rental income:

     Income Tax when you let property: work out your rental income

  • Re: Remittance based self assessment - can money be remitted to UK the following year?


    If you are claiming the remittance basis, then if you bring money into the UK,  you would be subject to tax on that.

    The remittance basis only exempts foreign income if you do not bring it into the UK.

    Please see guidance for more information:

     The remittance basis of taxation