Hello. November 2022, I attempted to create my self assessment and provide all my finance records in my personal tax account after receiving my UTR number, I was unable to create a self assessment due to an account problem. Long story short. After eventually getting through to HMRC, they stated that my account had a second National Insurance number attached to my usual genuine number and this was preventing the system allowing to file a self assessment/tax return. Problem identified, escalated to correct department and will take a few weeks to fix.....HMRC wont tell me when its fixed, I have to call them. December, same problem and still not fixed, told to contact them in January. Early January, account still not fixed after getting technical assistance on the phone to create my self assessment. The advisor said yet again, they will fix it. I have now received 2 letters through the door, from HMRC, Demanding £100 for not completing my self assessment and more fines to follow if I do not get organised and return it soon. I have spent in the region of 10 hours in the past week trying to get my account working and cannot get through to a human to assist me.