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Posted Mon, 27 Nov 2023 01:57:39 GMT by David Chappaz
Hi, My wife and I are EEA citizens who lived and worked in the UK for many years until 2019, then we permanently left. After moving overseas, my wife didn't connect to the Government Gateway for a couple of years, so her account was automatically deleted to prevent fraudulent use. Since then, she requested and received a new user ID. However, we are still unable to get through the necessary steps to verify her identity and use her new account. When connecting to the Government Gateway we are offered two options to verify her identity: Option 1: Use a mobile app Take a photo and scan your face to match your documents using a mobile app, using one of the following evidence types: UK photocard driving licence, UK passport, UK biometric residence permit, UK biometric residence card or international passport. Option 2: Enter your details online Enter details about your documents and records, using two of the following evidence types: UK passport, UK photocard driving licence, payslips or P60, Self Assessment, tax credits (including voice ID) or credit record. When trying to progress with option 2, the list of allowable evidence suddenly reduces to: * UK photocard driving licence (including provisional licences) * UK passport * Credit reference questions As EEA citizens, we have neither a UK driving license nor a UK passport. So that option is clearly not workable. So, we're left with option 1. Option 1 requires installing an app on a mobile phone, that scans biometric information directly from an international passport. It all seems to work well until the very end, when we are greeted with the following message: "We cannot confirm who you are. This means that some or all of the details you gave were incorrect. You must make sure your documents and records with HMRC and other organisations are up to date. We cannot confirm your identity if you use documents containing out of date information. For example, your name or address has changed" If we knew which information is out of date, we could potentially update it. Ah but it requires connecting to portal first anyway ;-) That looks like a chicken and egg situation, doesn't it ? So, option 1 doesn't really lead anywhere... Now you might think: let's try to get help on the phone. Ok, we've tried that. Except there are two hurdles to get in touch with an adviser. First, the time difference.... Not really simple to call within UK working hours from the other side of the world. It can be done though ;-) But then there is still the second hurdle. Our phone plan has a limitation which only allows international calls for 60 minutes, then the call is automatically terminated. Despite countless attempts, not once did we get past the waiting line within 60 minutes. Not once did we manage to speak to a human being (would it be for 10 seconds !) within 60 minutes of initiating the call. Would you believe it ? Well then, when all options have been exhausted, you can always trust the good old snail mail. That's a really good name actually. We sent a letter in writing to HMRC a good 6 months ago and we're still waiting to hear back. Can anyone help ? Without human intervention, it looks like this won't get resolved easily.... Thanks in advance !
Posted Thu, 30 Nov 2023 09:50:24 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi David Chappaz,
I am sorry if you are having issues accessing your online account.
You will need to contact our Online Helpdesk for assistance.:
Technical support with HMRC online services
Thank you. 

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