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Posted Sun, 11 Sep 2022 18:29:28 GMT by Aric
I have a problem proving my identity when trying to login to my personal tax account. I am asked for my government gateway ID, password and national insurance number, which is accepted. I am then asked to prove my identity by providing my first and last name, date of birth and national insurance number. I then get a message saying that the information I gave does not match their records. I have tried to call and get this resolved on a number of occasions, but am always passed from person to person as they say they are unable to help me, so I end up giving up. Can anyone help please or direct me to someone who can? Thanks!
Posted Tue, 13 Sep 2022 17:11:32 GMT by HMRC Admin 10
If the information you are entering matches our records, then the system may not have enough information available for you to pass the verification questions and will not let you move any further forward.
Posted Wed, 14 Sep 2022 09:15:58 GMT by Aric
Hi, Are you able to advise on who I can contact to resolve the issue please? Thanks
Posted Fri, 16 Sep 2022 08:30:48 GMT by HMRC Admin 19

To report the problem, you need to access the link at the bottom of the screen that will say "get help with this page" or "is there anything wrong with this page". This will bring up a form with the required information to submit to our digital support team.

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 09 Feb 2023 22:17:34 GMT by ALEXANDER FORD
Hey I'm having the exact same problem... Name and DOB 'don't match' my NI number... I've tried ringing loads of different numbers and webchats with no success.... And there is no "get help with this page" or "is there something wrong with this page" on my screen (on the app, on the website on my ipad, macbook or iphone). This needs to be resolved...I can't find help anywhere else...please help...
Posted Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:01:12 GMT by Simon Cahill
I am having the exact same problem Feb 2023
Posted Mon, 20 Feb 2023 14:28:09 GMT by James Miller
Same problem here. After 3 hours of trying online and failing, advised by digital HMRC online help by email to phone 0300 200 3300. After more 45 minutes on hold unable to get through security check on the phone, no help, very abrupt to get us off the line. Advised to phone 0200 200 3600. There, short hold, very helpful. The statement "does not match" was in fact not true. It was not a maiden/ married name issue as suspected but in fact that the NI number was a "temporary one", odd as have had it over 50 years. NI is now being regularised by "self assessment". Knowing the UTR seemed to help. So the data did match but the "temporary" nature of the NI number on HMRC's system (no return filed for >10 years may be the reason??) blocked me. 20 Feb 2023.
Posted Mon, 20 Feb 2023 14:39:51 GMT by James Miller
Second number is: 0300 200 3600. Sorry.

Posted Wed, 22 Feb 2023 15:37:07 GMT by IgorCT
Hey I'm having the exact same problem... Trying to contact the HMRC via many ways, but unsuccessful. Please, help.
Posted Fri, 24 Feb 2023 10:00:54 GMT by Ledgers66
Hi I'm having same problem.... details dont match our system 4hrs yesterday trying to get through does anyone know if you can email ?
Posted Tue, 28 Feb 2023 12:44:15 GMT by HMRC Admin 32
Hi Ledgers66,

You will need to contact our Income Tax team, there is no email option.

Income Tax: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Wed, 29 Mar 2023 14:04:12 GMT by PA333 Williams
I am also having this problem when trying to log onto GovGateway, have rang 0300 200 3600 but it takes me through the options and then rings off. Went to Income tax : general enquiries and that was of no help. Please help, been trying for hours to sort this.
Posted Tue, 04 Apr 2023 14:58:14 GMT by HMRC Admin 17

If you need to update your personal details you can contact our Income Tax helpline.

If this has already been done you will need to use the 'report a problem with this page' link.

Thank you.
Posted Wed, 19 Apr 2023 11:17:32 GMT by PA333 Williams
can you provide a phone number so I can actually speak to someone , have spent many hours trying to sort this with no luck. PLEASE
Posted Wed, 26 Apr 2023 11:42:49 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi PA333 Williams,

Our contact details for Income Tax queries are here:
Income Tax: general enquiries

Thank you. 
Posted Mon, 08 May 2023 05:11:19 GMT by Rosina Ganyo
I am unable to prove my identity when trying to login to my personal tax account. I have login to government gateway. I was asked to prove my identity by providing my first and last name, date of birth and national insurance number. I then get a message saying that the information I gave does not match their records. I managed to speak with someone after calling several numbers and the issue had to do with my date of birth. My employers have correct details but HMRC has the wrong information on my date of birth. I have recently written to HMRC providing proof of identity sending original copies by post. And documents was later returned after 3 weeks. I am still unable to proof my identity with my details and I have been getting the same message. Does this mean that this was not resolved after going through all the hussle and sending documents to proof my date of birth? Can anyone please help me with answers? I don't want this affecting my pension. Thank you.
Posted Tue, 09 May 2023 11:53:43 GMT by Jay Yung
I am starting two new jobs this year in late May. One is a full-time job earning £21,255 per year, The other is part-time working only weekends making £231/week (£11,088/year). How much tax and national insurance will I have to pay?
Posted Tue, 16 May 2023 09:21:57 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Rosina Ganyo,

The documents are returned to you once they are scanned it. This does not meet that your letter has been reviewed.

If you contact our National Insurance department here National Insurance: general enquiries they will be able to advise if the letter has been processed.

Thank you.
Posted Tue, 16 May 2023 09:47:59 GMT by HMRC Admin 32
Hi Jay Yung,

You can estimate your Tax and NI here.

Estimate your Income Tax for the current year

Thank you.

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