Hi, I am moving from Singapore to UK on Skilled worker visa (5 yr) on 27th Apr'23 and my official job start date is 1st May'23. In Singapore, I will be paying exit tax on all my employment income, bonus and pension earned until 30th April'23(my last employment day in Singapore). My Singapore pension and final settlement amount will credit to my Singapore bank account couple of months after I move to UK. So I have few questions around this: 1. Will I be UK tax resident starting 1st May'23? 2.Will I be able to transfer my SGD savings (incl pension and final settlement) from Singapore bank account to UK bank account few months after I move to UK(lets say latest by July/Aug'23) without any UK income tax liabilities to be paid on this amount? 3. I understand as I will be relocating permanently (transfer of residence) to UK for work, my SGD income/savings on which I have paid tax in Singapore, can be treated as "Asset" and not "income" upto a certain time frame post my move to UK and hence no income tax is liable? Is this understanding correct? if yes then what is the time period (in months) post move to UK until which this is trated as asset and not income? Please advise. Thanks in advance.