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Posted Tue, 10 Jan 2023 20:45:12 GMT by LAJR
I set up a new Government Gateway Personal Tax account today in order to request a new tax code. Having completed the security checks with 2 forms of identification I was taken to a screen that simply said: We cannot access your details. This is because of an MCI issue. It means that we need to check some details with you before you can sign in again. You can call us to resolve the MCI issue with an advisor. I tried to call but gave up after waiting for almost an hour, I would like to understand who will check the details with me and when so that I can proceed with requesting a new tax code through my Government Gateway Personal Tax account. Thank you
Posted Fri, 13 Jan 2023 14:09:11 GMT by HMRC Admin 32

If you are getting an MCI you will need to speak with our Income Tax team to get this resolved. 

Income Tax: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Mon, 23 Jan 2023 14:44:44 GMT by hg
Called 5 times. Each time I say it's about "MCI Issue". The automated voice asks me to reconfirm that it's about an "MCI Issue" - to which I respond yes. Eventually when I talk to a person, every time they tell me that I'm at the wrong place and either they put me on hold for another department or they hang up. Spent a total of >4 hours waiting now. This is a waste of time and is not working. What other options are there?
Posted Thu, 26 Jan 2023 09:15:01 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi hg,

If you are having the MCI error this can be resolved by our Income Tax helpline.

If they are unable to resolve this they can advise why.

I apologise if you have called several times and this has not been resolved.

Income Tax: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 26 Jan 2023 09:39:16 GMT by hg
Two times now the Income tax helpline has said that this is for tech support and forwarded me there. This is despite me quoting verbatim the error. I also told them that the last time income tax sent me to tech support I was advised that tech support can't help with this error and that I should call back. Stuck in a loop and don't know how to break it.
Posted Wed, 01 Feb 2023 18:32:18 GMT by Gerald
I feel how frustrated you are! I have the exact same issue!!
Posted Fri, 17 Feb 2023 11:36:09 GMT by alrm
I have been getting MCI error since October and every time I've called to the helpline (0300 200 3300) the agent has given me a new deadline by which the MCI error would be resolved. I have been calling back after each of these deadlines since October and no solution has been provided. I have also submitted a complain a few weeks ago and they didn't even give me a call back when they said they would. I have just called again today and they have given me a new deadline: April. This is surreal. It's been 5 months and still can't log into my HMRC online account. It all started because I had a temporary tax code and they had to merge it with the new one. I don't know what to do.
Posted Thu, 16 Mar 2023 08:55:43 GMT by MAE
I am too having problems with MCI error, going back to December and no solution has been provided. Six calls to helpline (0300 200 3300) and several promises of this being sorted but nothing has progressed. Spoke to very unhelpful advisor today to give me a new deadline and he just ended the call
Posted Thu, 16 Mar 2023 13:50:21 GMT by pn
I have tried on and of for six months to check my tax code and pension estimate. Each time I log in I get a message to say that I can't access this information because of an MCI error and I am requested to call in. So far have given up waiting to get through. So I still have no response to my IT problem and have little confidence in getting a response.. What can I do ?
Posted Wed, 22 Mar 2023 14:23:01 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi pn,

The MCI issue can only be fixed by our Income Tax Team.

You will need to either call again or write to us:

Income Tax: general enquiries

Thank you. 

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