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Posted Thu, 11 May 2023 03:03:50 GMT by Geraldine
Hello: I mailed my CF83 from the USA on April 14, 2023 via US Registered Mail which I understand works the same as UK Recorded Delivery in that I should receive confirmation of delivery. I can see that my letter left US on the morning of April 21, and departed London Heathrow that same evening and then nothing. In talking with Future Pensions and another section dealing with Class 2 contributions, I was told that mail received is being opened and scanned, but nothing shows up for me. I appreciate there is a huge backlog, so I am trying to confirm if what was said was correct in that mail is being opened and scanned within a few days of receipt. I am also wondering if once scanned should it show up on the HMRC app under the form tracker? Thanks Geri
Posted Wed, 17 May 2023 11:09:09 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi Geraldine,

All of our HMRC post is received and scanned onto the digital service.  
Our International Caseworkers work in a strict date receipt order.  
They are currently working on the following timescales:
EU – 27 September 2022
Rest of the World – 9 August 2022
We have just launched the online tool where’s my reply on 
Check when you can expect a reply from HMRC

Thank you.
Posted Wed, 17 May 2023 14:34:24 GMT by logatex
Three related questions 1) Will someone at the office sign on receipt of a registered letter, so the Royal Mail will confirm delivery? 2) Due to the long delays, does the deadline of 31 July 2023 for making NI back-payments from 2006-2016 relate to the date when the document is scanned and in the system, rather than any decision being made? i.e. as long as my CF83 is in the system before 31 July 2023 it's not too late 3) I was advised to apply for class 2, on the understanding I may have to pay class 3. Once my CF83 is being dealt with, will I receive clear notification of what to pay, or do I need to re-enter the system again? Thanks
Posted Wed, 17 May 2023 15:16:16 GMT by stephen Amore
Hi Geraldine, I mailed my CF83 form from Spain via Uk registered post and it was received and signed by HMRC on the 27 February 2023. I have been checking my mail weekly ever since for a non existent reply. I have now just used the online service on this website that tells me I should expect a reply in October - some 8 months after I originally wrote. I have 6 years of voluntary contributions I want to pay and I have seen one option where I can simply send a cheque - the problem is I dont own a cheque book - does anyone in 2023? I really dont know what else I can do as the phone line never answers - I tried 10x today. Its a massively underfunded system. All I can do is wait for another 5 months I guess for a reply. Kindest Stephen

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